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Publisher's Note
Art@Science.137—Mr. Patrick D. Visentin, Dr. Austin Gulliver, Ms Lin Xu and Dr. Louis P. Visentin

Creative Writing — edited by Di Brandt

Creative Writing Introduction — by Di Brandt

Cree Hunting Songs from northern Manitoba and Quebec, Canada

OGAMAS — Brandon Aboriginal Literary Festival Opening Night – October 27, 2007

Nine River Ghazals by Di Brandt

Working in the Dark by Di Brandt, Aganetha Dyck, and the honeybees

Awakenings by Di Brandt, Dorothy Livesay, Rebecca Campbell, and Carol Ann Weaver

Under Western Eyes by Dale Lakevold

Notes for a Speech on (Canadian) Flagmaking by Dale Lakevold

Escape Attempt by Reinhold Kramer

War of the Screenwriters: Mordecai Richler, Leaving St. Urbain by Reinhold Kramer

Elucidata: multimedia poetry by BU Creative Writing students Liz Boutette, Mike Hayden, David Kusnick, Monika Sormova, and Barb Flemington

Texts: Excerpts of 4th Year Creative Writing theses by BU Creative Writing students R. Vincent Harris, Donna Wallis, and Claire Kirk-Cape

from Cries from a Métis Heart by Lorraine Mayer

Composite Moments by Derek Gunnlaugson

Drama — edited by James Forsythe

James Forsythe's Biography

Spirituality in Actor Training by James Forsythe

The Plains Cree Grotowski by James Forsythe


Music — Edited by Dr. Michael Kim

Michael Kim — Introduction and Biography

Dr. Lawrence Jones — "A History of Brandon University’s School of Music" and Biography

Professor Alexander Tselyakov — Biography And Performance Selections

Dr. T. Patrick Carrabre — "Form in the post-modern classical age" and Biography. As well as biographies for Kerry DuWors, Leanne Zacharias, and Meg Masaki

Dr. Glen Carruthers — "Reactive and Proactive Reform in Post-Secondary Music Schools" and Biography

Professor Michael Cain — Biography And Performance Selections

Dr. Wendy McCallum — Instrumental Music Education: A Sampling of Leadership Initiatives at Brandon University

"The Others" as in Shakespeare Exeunt: The Others

Seven Very Short Stories by Patrick Johanneson

Lawrence Stuckey's "Lonely Prairie" — photo essay by Patrick Elves and Tom Mitchell

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