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A Note from the Publisher:

Ecclectica is a new feature e-magazine of Brandon University. It is dedicated to discoveries and trends in the humanities and sciences and accepts philosophical contributions including theory and criticism. Of course we are interested in news, reviews, opinion, personalities, and findings. We hope it will be a home for debates and discourses about cultural issues and will include creative contributions in visual arts, music, and literature. It is intended to be eclectic with an accent on difference and hence the double "cc" in the title. Ecclectica will appear four times a year and is distributed to faculty, students, staff, alumni, donors, community leaders, and legislators. In fact, it is available to anyone in the world who can access the Brandon University web site. It is intended to provide an opportunity for academics here and abroad to publish their opinions, critiques, reviews, works of art, literary creations, music performances, and research articles that have contemporary perspective and relevance. We hope it will attract people with multidisciplinary taste. In addition, we plan to have special editions of Ecclectica that will be published intermittently throughout the year. These will focus on unique topics selected by the editorial board for their interest to scholars in the broad University community. Yes, we have an editorial team and they referee and edit the contributions rigorously. Not all material will be published and we will accept only material sent to us in electronic form, preferably as Word documents or some other PC
compatible e-program.

Watch for special editions on: Métis, Writing, What We Don't Know About Sciences, Vox Studentium, Ethics, Religions, and The Gene.

"When you put words on paper, remember that the most damning revelation you can make about yourself is that you do not know what is interesting and what is not." - Kurt Vonnegut, Palm Sunday

Louis P. Visentin, Ph.D.

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