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Origins of the Archive

John E. Robbins Library
Brandon University

S. J. McKee Archives—In 1975, Brandon University in cooperation with the Manitoba Pool Elevators, founded the Rural Resources Centre. The Centre was designed to provide rural Manitoba with resource materials for use in the discussion and analysis of problems related to rural social development. It was given a mandate to collect publications and archival materials related to the history of the Manitoba Pool Elevators, cooperative societies, churches, exhibitions, school districts, and Women's Institutes.

In September 1978, the University transformed the Rural Resources Centre into the Brandon University Archives. Originally housed in a trailer, from October 1981 to September 1998 the University Archives operated out of the Archives Centre located in the basement of the Jeff Umphrey Building at 20th and Victoria Avenue.

In 1990 the University Board of Governor's renamed the University Archives the McKee Archives. The McKee Archives was so established on Saturday, November 19, 1990, to mark the anniversary of the opening of the Brandon Academy by S. J. McKee and his wife Laura McKee one hundred years earlier on November 19, 1890. In 1899, the Brandon Academy founded by Samuel and Laura McKee became Brandon College.

The McKee Archives moved to its current location on the mezzanine floor of the John E. Robbins Library in the summer of 1998.

Actors: Auditions in Yorkton

"The Coming" is a new feature film project, which begins shooting in Russell, Manitoba in the summer of 2006. They are looking for actors!

Auditions are open to anyone who submits a headshot and resume to Chad Costen, Writer/Director at reachforyourstar@gmail.com. Auditions will primarily take place in Yorkton, SK during July 2005 (Date TBD)...stay tuned for more information.

"Tom's past serves as a window into the future of all mankind; but what be begins to remember spells a dark fate from which no one can hide. Nothing will stop the memories. Nothing will prevent...THE COMING"

For more information, please call 604-687-2243 or email reachforyourstar@gmail.com.

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