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Restaurant Review

Alessio's Pasta Family Restaurant

Tatiana Warkentin—Alessio's Pasta Family Restaurant opened in Brandon on April 25, 2004 and has from the start been a popular place for inexpensive, good food. My boyfriend and I arrived there Saturday night and were promptly seated in a booth. I had heard rumours of their large portions of pasta from many people, but I wanted to see for myself.

Unlike other Italian restaurants I've been to, this one was not like eating in a "delightful Italian stereotype," which was refreshing. Our server, Lisa, was very pleasant and helpful and was back very quickly with our drinks.

The menu was broken down into very basic sections, the largest one being their pasta section, and a unique feature was the back page of the menu which consisted of suggestions for those who have bought into the low-carb trend.

We also noted how extensive the liquor list was. It was not confined to domestic beers and wines. There was a variety of imported beers, wine and a large selection of cocktails.

We ordered stuffed mushrooms as our appetizer, and I ordered the Fettuccine Alfredo (a cream parmesan cheese sauce with capicollo ham) as my main course and my boyfriend ordered the Penne All'Emiliana (Italian sausage, bacon, fresh tomatoes, basil, olives and feta cheese in light oil sauce.). Our stuffed mushrooms arrived very quickly and very hot. The mushrooms were in a delicious herb cream cheese that was baked with a thick layer of cheese.

Not long after our empty appetizer plate was taken away, our food arrived. A rather large plate of Fettuccine Alfredo was placed before me. People were not kidding when they told me the portions you receive could feed a family of four quite easily.

As we ate, we enjoyed a very nice mix of music from the late 50s and early 60s. The music was at a very nice volume; we were able to still carry on a conversation without having to shout. Our server only came back once very quickly to make sure we didn't need anything else. She really gave us a chance to enjoy our food without being pestered with questions about how good it all was.

Once we were full, Lisa was more than happy to pack up the leftovers for us and offered us dessert without being overly pushy. We told her we were far too full, but thank-you and she told us she would be back with our leftovers and bill momentarily.

Not once did we feel rushed or that we needed to vacate our booth the moment our food was finished. We noticed when we went to pay at about 6 p.m. there was already a line of people out the door perusing menus. It would be a good idea to arrive a little bit earlier in the evening because it fills up quite quickly.

The prices were reasonable, the whole meal including our drinks, appetizers and main course cost $44.58. One of their huge plates of pasta costs between $13.95 and $14.95, though you will have enough left over for two meals.

Their menu is not limited to pasta; they have items such as ribs, burgers and fries, salads, and light lunches. So, if you're looking for a comfortable and warm atmosphere with reasonably priced food in portions that will feed a small village, Allessio's is the perfect choice.

Alessio's Pasta Family Restaurant
Address: 121 10th St.
Ph: (204) 728-4804

Hours: Monday-Saturday 11:30 am to 10:30 pm
Sunday 4:00 pm to 10:30 pm

Fashion Review

Chanel Fall 2005 Ready to Wear

Clio Straram—PARIS, March, 4, 2005—If you're sick of tweed then Chanel's fall Ready to Wear collection may not be for you. The coming season is exploding with it; but where would we be without tweed? Whether it's that tweed coat or those tweed sunglasses that you've been looking for, look no further. Chanel will always be here.

Tweed, however, isn't the only fabric on the market; leather is also big: with thigh-high, stiletto leather boots that get lost under some of those small-kilt skirts, and slim leggings that can reach just as far.

The sharp edges and leather accessories play in counterpoint with the nude lipsticks and the soft colours-but as far as the colours go: black, white, grays, and beige, there isn't much variety; but at least it is a change from brown and maroon!

The whole show plays with separate ideas; the hair is straight while the boots and leggings are loose and ruffled.

Despite UK's Scottish skirts and the English trousers, Karl Lagerfeld does not abandon his Parisian roots. There is an absence of long skirts and to fill the void berets are in high demand. Everything is loose and baggy, large knitted and full of warmth.

Chanel's trying to keep you warm this fall without losing its tradition of perfect style and doing an awfully beautiful job in the process.

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