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Guess Who

Just another remake of another classic

Gary SchraderGuess Who is Hollywood's attempt to cash in on a past classic, Guess Who Coming to Dinner.

This entire movie is a color reversal of the Stanley Kramer's 1967 movie. In the first movie, Spencer Tracy is the white father; Katharine Hepburn the mother; Katharine Houghton, plays the white daughter, and along comes Sidney Poitier, who plays the black boyfriend coming to dinner.

In Guess Who we have a complete color reversal with racism still presented throughout the movie.

Bernie Mac is the father, Judith Scott plays the mother, Zoe Saldana is the daughter who brings home her white boyfriend, played by Ashton Kutcher for the parent's 25th wedding celebration.

In the first movie we had well known actors and actors of the 60s.

In this new movie the actors are not really that recognizable.

Who is Bernie Mac? He was born in Chicago in 1958; his real name was Bernard Jeffery McCollough, who came from a rougher neighborhood than most.

Mac started in stand up comedy in Chicago during the mid 70s.

Then moved into doing movies taking some small roles until his big break in 1995 with a HBO Special called "Midnight Mac" followed by a comedy by Chris Tucker's, in which Mac played Paster Clever in the movie "Friday".

During the 90s Mac appeared to have a slow bumpy rise to fame until he was starred with Eddie Murphy's 1999 movie "Life."

During the 2000s Mac started to become a house-hold name by appearing in "The Kings of Comedy", starring in movies like "What's the Worst That Could Happen", "Ocean's Eleven", and in 2001 starring on TV with the "The Bernie Mac Show".

Kutcher and Mac
appearing in one of
the rare comedic scenes

Why is Ashton Kutcher liked so much? Originally from Iowa, he does it all, modeling, acting, producing and even writing for his own MTV show.

Kutcher is best known for Kelso, a stoner goofball in the days of disco in "The 70s Show." On the big screen he starred in "Dude, Where's My Car?", "Just Married", and "My Boss's Daughter" Oh!, yes, we must not forget that rumor has it Kutcher may be sleeping with Demi Moore. Although there are some smidgens of humor in parts of the movie, and the actors have impressive credentials, it was a poor remake of a classic movie of the 60s.

This is most likely why it was rated with two stars. My recommendation for this movie is go rent the original; you would probably save money and enjoy it more.

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