The Future of University Music Study in Canada

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Introduction by Wayne Bowman, Issue Editor

The Future of Music Studies in Canada by John Shepherd

There's No Going Back by Beverly Diamond

Musical Dialectics by Stephen McClatchie

A Sociological Divination by Brian A. Roberts

Toward Revisioning Music Studies in Canada's Universities by Paul Woodford

Ask More and Better Questions by Tim Brady

High Art or Trend and Trade? by Gary Kulesha

Humility, Creativity, and the Music of the Future by R. Murray Schafer

The Future of Graduate Study in Music at Canadian Universities by Susan Fast

Observations From a Liminal Space by Norma Coates

Popular Music: Administrative Challenges, Pedagogical Rewards by Kip Pegley

Music Studies in Canada: The Rob Bowman variations by Rob Bowman

Trivializing Music Studies by James Deaville

I'd Love to Change the World But I Don't Know What to Do... by Deborah Bradley

A Personal View of The Future of Post-Secondary Music Studies in Canada by Paul Read

Singing: Implications for Music Education in the 21st Century by Doreen Rao

Canadian Music Schools: Toward a Somewhat Radical Mission by David J. Elliott & Kari K. Veblen

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