August 2003

Métis Issue

A Message from the Editor
A Message from the Publisher


The Dispersal and Resettlement of the Oak Lake Metis to 1900 by Gerhard J. Ens
Marie Fisher Gaudet (1843-1914): "la Providence du fort Good Hope" by Diane P. Payment
"By a Union of Effort We Effect a Great Deal:" The English-Speaking Métis and the Anglican Mission at St. Andrew's Parish, Red River by Robert Coutts
The "Métis Indians" of Ontario by Joe Sawchuk
The Songs of Their Fathers by Lynn Whidden

Life Accounts

Dumont edited by Denis Combet [en français]
La Vérendrye edited by Denis Combet
The Marquis de La Jaille, 1782 edited by C. Cartmill


Songs from L'album du siècle

Lettre de Riel (tra.) Gérard Paquin.
Hommage aux voyageurs. David Dandeneau.

Selection of Metis Jamboree featuring Stars of the Metis Hour

Recorded at Le Studio, Collège universitaire de Saint-Boniface, 2000

Ray St Germain. The Metis.
Emile Lavallée. Neil Gaudry Waltz.


Les Louis Boys

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