Ecclectica: May 2002
 May 2002

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A Mosaic of Voices



Walk Towards the Gallows (an excerpt) by Reinhold Kramer and Tom Mitchell
E-mail: Toward an Etiquette of Use by William Illsey Atkinson
Focus Paper for a New Way of Thinking by Wayne Helgason
From Sheep to Humans: Scrapie and Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease by Rolf George
Lectures and the learning revolution by J. David McLeod
Student Artworks with commentary by L. P. Visentin
The Art of Architecture: Believing in Something by George Cibinel
Singing to Animals by Lynn Whidden

Fiction and Poetry

City Kid by Pat Johanneson
Poetry Suite by Jane H. Scott
Character Home (No Basement) by Jeff Weidenhamer
Listen by Robin Enns


The Music of Brandon University
Featuring Alexander Arutunian's Trumpet Concerto for Orchestra and Alexander Goedicke's Concert Etude op.49

The Way We Were by Tom Mitchell
The Art of Ecclectica edited by Colleen Cutschall (This issue's artist: Kevin Conlin)

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